Who is K Page?

That'll be me, Kieran Page.

Graphic designer by day, Illustrator every other hour. I've been in the graphic design industry since I was 19, that's 6 years now, so art is my escape from the commercial world. My work has been described as mind vomit, my sketchbooks are simply paper thoughts. I've worked on various projects around my local creative scene, from painting pub and cafe walls with larger than life murals, to forming a collaborative zine called The Peak Sheet.

In all my work I hide a woodlouse called Woody, he's also been pretty busy travelling the world in the name of #whereswoody. I like to challenge people to hide a Woody sticker in far out places, and people rose to the challenge. So far he's travelled to the likes of Madagascar, Barbados and even Everest Base camp!

Come see what I’m about, browse the archive, keep up to date on Instagram, cop some merch in the shop. Look close enough you might even learn the story behind Woody the Woodlouse.


K Page Instagram

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