Swan the third

The Swan, King Street, Ipswich.

Following on from my previous two murals here, I had the trickier task of filling the space between the windows and around the bar. Probably the most awkward space I'd ever been tasked with painting, but a challenge accepted!

I really enjoyed this piece because, as per the other two, they trusted me to just let rip on the walls. I had a sketchbook of spacey ideas and free-styled it onto the wall, I had a rough idea of what I wanted to create so went for it.

This was my third and final project here during the summer of 2016, they didn't really have any walls left after this! When the Swan was opened it was the alternative pub of ipswich, hosting regular gigs and events. I got the opportunity to paint alongside inspirational illustrators such as Joel Millerchip, Mr Mead and illustration collective Brothers of Stripe.