Bicycle Boy

A friend of mine once said "If you breath in real deep, cycle real fast and breath out through your nose. All the bad vibes will flow out of your ears, trust me I'm a scientist."

This has stuck with me for years, I did the initial sketch of this concept back in 2016, come 2018 I've painted it large scale on the wall of La Tour Cycle Cafe on Ipswich Waterfront. This was the biggest mural I'd done to date, needing scaffolding for my little legs to reach the highest point. I learnt something about myself during this project, I'm actually scared of heights, which made this an interesting battle.

Not only did I battle with the height of it, I had a bright idea of painting it in December...

The first day I was out there for 8 hours in 5 degree heat with a 20mph wind chill of -1! It was nuts, I quite enjoyed the challenge in a way, going inside for a cuppa was cheating. Soldiering on me and my helper Molly soldiered on by putting heat packs inside our fingerless gloves so we could feel the paintbrush. The plus side of it being Christmas was that we finished up in the pub by an open fire with mulled wine.