Stoke Bridge Workshops

The brief was to design an inspiring mural for a creative space. Stoke Bridge Workshops was a new endeavour hoping to provide a space that creatives can rent out to teach classes/workshops. Having seen my previous work around the town they wanted to let me loose on their wall, such a dream brief!

At the time I worked on this, it was the biggest mural I'd ever done, spanning 6m wide and 2m tall, standing 1m off the ground. This created a challenge I'm used to facing... I couldn't reach! Being 5'6" I needed tip toes to reach the top even when using the scaffolding. For the stag beetle I wanted to create some interactivity with the surface so I used a pearlescent paint. As you walk past the stag, its shell glimmers, much like that of the real life beetle.

They weren't too sure what to expect but it's safe to say they were pretty blown away by the outcome. They've since used the mural as the focus of their branding, printing it on leaflets and all sorts. People drive past and look twice, they now have a focus that grabs people's attention in the form of a giant stag beetle and a weird cat man.

You can find out more about Stoke Bridge Workshops here