Swan the second

The Swan, King Street, Ipswich.

The Good, The Bad & The Prickly.

This goes in hand with my Cactus Cowboys sticker pack. After a holiday to Peru back in 2015, I became fascinated with the Inca Empire, I learnt that they used to use a special cactus as a hallucinogen in some of their ceremonies. Being surrounded by llamas, cacti and this intense connection to the Inca past... I naturally came up with "The Good, The Bad & The Prickly".

In a parallel universe where humanoid cacti roam the earth with the help of their trusty llama steads, ruled by the all powerful, all seeing one-eyed cacti in the sky.

The second wall came about in 2016, it was such a proud moment to paint a mural in such a creative hub of Ipswich. When the Swan was opened it was the alternative pub of ipswich, hosting regular gigs and events. I got the opportunity to paint alongside inspirational illustrators such as Joel Millerchip, Mr Mead and illustration collective Brothers of Stripe.