Cactus Cowboys

After a holiday to Peru back in 2015 I became fascinated with the Inca empire, I learnt that they used to use a special cactus as a hallucinogen in some of their ceremonies. Being surrounded by llamas, cacti and this intense connection to the Inca past... I naturally came up with "The Good, The Bad & The Prickly".

In a parallel universe where humanoid cacti roam the earth with the help of their trusty llama steads, ruled by the all powerful, all seeing one-eyed cacti in the sky.

Fun fact for you - Did you know that Cambridge University is actually OLDER than Machu Picchu?! Development of societies started a lot later in South America, making them no less impressive by any means, in fact the Incas have been compared with the Romans due to their insane farming steez.